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Students and Staff:á Do NOT attempt to install Microsoft Office 2013 (available from within your Office 365 account) on any school or district computers.áá Attempting to install those licenses on district or school computers (which already have Office licenses of a different typeáinstalled on them) will cause your account to lose access to your OneDrive documents until the license issue can be fixed, which may take some time.
Upcoming Events
School Announcements
PTSA Awards

On Thursday, April 16, Mesa View's PTSA honored four individuals for their ongoing and meaningful contributions to the kids at Mesa View during the annual Honorary Service Awards.á Pictured above (left to right) are the four recipients:á art teacher Mr. Bennett, parent volunteer Kristi Gorrell, parent volunteer Brian Boyd, and counselor Ms. La Fourcade.á Thank you for what you give to our kids!
Da Vinci Day Champions

It was an exciting morning at Mesa View on Wednesday, April 15 -- Da Vinci Day -- as students from all three grades competed to win the "Drop, Stomp, & Launch" Challenge. áWith a combined winning distance of just over 101 feet, the group above from Mrs. Pennino's third period class received the Championship Trophy. áFrom left to right,áJared C., Dharma H., Makayla M., and Alex S., each won $10 gift cards for their accomplishment. áGroups were also judged for Best Design. áFrom Ms. Seaburg's period two, Ashley C-D., Serena C., and Caitlin W. had the best blueprints, seen below.

The CAASPP is Coming

Museum of the Desert Trip

Students from Mrs. McMurtrey's class, including a group of Student Council students, visited the Children's Museum of the Desert on Wednesday, April 8. áPicture are Ezra P. and Anthony M. enjoying one of the interactive displays.
Did Someone Say Cookie Jar?

Did you know that Mesa View's Ceramics class is just full of talented artists? áPictured are Delaney C. and Haley C. with twoáof their latest creations, cookie jars. áNice work, girls!
STEMelem at Wildwood

Nearly 70 STEM students from Mesa View visited Wildwood Elementary on Tuesday, April 7 to conduct two elementary STEM builds with students in grades 1-5. áMV students ran workshops in every elementary classroom, teaching the kids how to make things like polymeráballs and helicopters. áPictured are Trevor S. and Ryan G. working with a student from Mrs. Paul's fifth grade class on his walkbot. áSTEM students visited Calimesa Elementary and Valley Elementary the following day. áWell-done to all of our great STEM students and to Mrs. Pitman and Mrs. Shook for pulling off this complicated, three-school event.
Spring Principal's Newsletter

Click here for the Spring Principal's Newsletter.á Get the latest info on what's coming up at Mesa View during April, May, and June.
Ride with Rendall at MV

Members of the Ride with Rendall professional cycling team visited Mesa View at lunch on Monday, April 6. áThe team is in town to race in this week's Redlands Bicycle Classic. áPictured is sixth grader Ram P. as he prepares to take a spin on one of the team's $8,000 training bikes.
Run with the Mustangs

The 2015 Run with the Mustangs was a big hit! áFor details, goáto my.racewire.comáand click on "Results." áCongrats to overall winner Cole C. (Ms. LaFourcade'sáson) from Moore MS with an overall time of 19:40. áThe first female finisher was AtalieáB., coming in at 22:17. áWhat was your time? áThank you to all of the racers and to PTSA for another fantastic fundraising event. áWe look forward to seeing you back for another race in 2016.
STEM Academy Information

Our highly-acclaimed STEM Academy continues at Mesa View for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. áThe STEM Academy is a "magnet program," meaning that students from inside AND outside of the district (in grades 6-8) are able to attend upon completion of the necessary paperwork. áContact Registrar Renee Jones for information on how to transfer at (909)á790-8008 x 5275

What's STEM really about at Mesa View? áCheck out the video below or click here.

- Second annual Da Vinci Day is a big hit.á Click here to read more.
- STEM Academy opens in August, 2012.á Click here to read the Press-Enterprise story.
- Mesa View receives $10,000 STEMágrant!á Click here for the Press-Enterprise story.
- Click here for a Press-Enterprise story on catapult building at Mesa View.
- Click here to hear our superintendent talk about Mesa View on radio station Air1.

Click the "STEM" link on the left-hand side menu of this webpage or download our STEMáBrochure by clicking here.

Please e-mail Principal Jim Stolze at jim_stolze@ycjusd.us if you have questions about our STEMáprogram and/or if you need assistance.

2014-2015 Carpool Listing

With the lack of busing and Mesa View's location, we know that getting your child to school can be a challenge.  We recommend working with friends to get your child to school.  Many families use carpools.  The Mesa View Carpool Listing below can help.

Click here to add your information to the Carpool Listing.

Click here to view the information in the Carpool Listing.

Use this information at your own discretion.  We do not coordinate carpool matches or contacts.
Marquee Messages

Mesa View's marquee can display your message.á Staff, students, and families may purchase appropriate and positive messages (such as birthday greetings, congratulatory remarks, and thank you notes) for the low price of only $20 per week.á All proceeds go to support Mesa View field trips.á If you'd like to run a message, please contact Melanie Nicholson at 790-8008 x 5274 or via e-mail at melanie_nicholson@ycjusd.us.
Take Charge of Education

Target's "Take Charge of Education" program donates 1% of all purchases to a designated school when customers use their Target REDcard.  If you would like to designate Mesa View as your school of choice, click here for more info or to sign up.  Click here to get the debit card application.  Mesa View's Target ID Number is 151972.  The REDCard links to your existing bank card, with no extra fees.  It's a painless and easy way to give to Mesa View.  You can visit the link above or get the paperwork in the school office.
Welcome to Mesa View Middle School

Welcome to Mesa View Middle School!  We look forward to the opportunity each day to work with middle school students as they prepare for high school and beyond.  Our job is to prepare our students to be productive leaders, learners, and citizens of the 21st Century. We emphasize this in our motto:  "Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow."

In our mission statement, we are dedicated to:

• Focusing on student learning and rigorous standards through the use of critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, technology, and oral, visual, & written communication skills.

• Fostering academic and personal responsibility based upon respect, integrity, commitment, patience, honesty, perseverance, and tolerance.

• Providing positive leadership experiences that promote social awareness and contribute to the school and the community.

• Developing student self awareness of individual strengths, interests, and personal health so students are prepared for their future.

• Bringing a hands-on, meaningful STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) experience to every Mesa View student.

We believe that everyone – students, parents, community members, and staff – play critical roles in our school community.  Students are at the center of every decision we make.  Mesa View has the very highest academic and behavioral standards.  We teach, model, and expect students to demonstrate positive character traits such as trustworthiness, commitment, respect, and responsibility.  We have created a safe environment in which all individuals have a sense of belonging and everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Our primary focus is that of offering a strong academic foundation so that Mesa View students have the tools they need to succeed in high school and what they do after high school.  We firmly believe that all adolescents can learn and that it is our duty to foster this learning.  We believe that all middle school students need to leave us with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the skills associated with the four core subject areas:  English, math, social studies, and science.  Mesa View’s staff is a highly experienced group of professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable educators and support personnel.  The staff works collaboratively to help students learn, discover, and extend their learning in and outside of the classroom.

Mesa View students will be fully prepared to participate in our technologically-advanced, 21st Century society, a society that needs students to understand the STEM fields.  Mesa View has a modern technological infrastructure that supports the most current computer, multimedia, and networked technology programs.  Our technology plan serves as a blueprint for preparing students and staff for the demands and expectations of a rapidly-changing world.

In our wish to teach the whole student, Mesa View also emphasizes the arts, community service, and going “above and beyond.”  Mesa View students have the opportunity to participate in a vibrant middle school band and choir program.  As a way of extending their learning, students may choose to participate in the challenging Honors Option program, our Mustang Robotics Team, First in Math, and other enrichment opportunities.  Students also have access to various visual and performing arts programs.  Student Council, Digital Media, and Yearbook offer leadership and community service opportunities.  In addition, Mesa View offers a rich curriculum for advanced learners.  Students have the opportunity to enroll in our unique STEM: Advanced Design and STEM: Applied Science courses.  These, and all of the elements that make up Mesa View, showcase our desire to be the best possible middle school for our students, their families, and our local community.

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